Nevermore at Christ Church Frederica



Nevermore at Christ Church Frederica

On a recent trip to Saint Simons Island off the coast of Georgia, Nevemore accompanied me. We decided to make a trip to the historic Christ Church Frederica rebuilt by Anson Dodge when it was in shambles after the Civil War.

This choirboy looked like he could use some help.

Why is this swan looking this way? Or is it? Nevermore is not sure.

To see a couple more pictures from Christ Church Frederica go here: Christ Church



All Sinful Desires


That’s what I’ve been up to my neck in for the past three weeks or so. In a manner of speaking, that is. I’ve been researching and working on my next novel, whose working title is All Sinful Desires.

It begins here on the River Rother in East Sussex.


It mostly takes place here at Battle Abbey.

Inside the Abbey.

And it involves Benedictine monks.

And this.

And him . . .

And this, as well.


Death’s Dark Shadows


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Death’s Dark Shadows will be published soon and here’s the cover reveal for the final book in The Hallowed Treasure’s Saga:

And here are a couple more just for fun:

The 1970s cover

And a couple of fun ones from In Lonely Exile:

And my favorite: