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In 1970 (yes, I know, I’m dating myself), in the midst of my horse crazy years, my father gave me this little booklet prior to the Kentucky Derby that year. I remember we were houseboating that weekend and I had to listen to the Derby on my little electric blue transistor radio. Apparently, the booklet was an extra that came with the alcohol he had purchased:


Honestly, I’m not sure I was aware of that until I retrieved this booklet from my bookshelf earlier this week after hearing that Secretariat had won the virtual Kentucky Derby on May 2. I remember watching Secretariat win his Triple Crown back in 1973, and I believe he still holds the record winning race time of 1 minute, 59.4 seconds.

After I confirmed that I’d dutifully noted his win that year:


As I had every year through 1979 when I finally realized it was getting ridiculous and added some paper to make it all a little neater:


And then never noted another win. Why? Probably college, first job, marriage, childbirth, etc., etc. By 1979, I had carried The Run for the Roses with me from California to Mississippi and then to Georgia, Hawaii and back to Georgia. Since then, it has traveled with me through at least 15 more moves.

So, looking at it this week, I had to wonder–why? With the internet, I can now easily look up who is winning the Derbies if I haven’t had a chance to see any. And now with digital photos and a blog post, I have access to this little bit of my history for the foreseeable future. The booklet has now been placed in the so-called “circular file” and that is one less object that will have to be dealt with upon my death.

And that is definitely one of the bright sides of this pandemic–it has helped me to refocus on what is really important to me.