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Phoenix-North Mountain 1

North Mountain Park

When you think of traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, the first thing that comes to mind is a dry heat, right? Bizarrely, this particular December, we left pouring rain and cold on the east coast for pouring rain and cold in the desert. My suitcase, and many of the clothes inside it, were literally soaked when I picked it up at baggage claim.

So, while it didn’t rain nonstop while we were there, for the first five days, there wasn’t a lot we could do outside. Fortunately, we don’t have Disney+, so we were able to watch the newest version of Lady and the Tramp, which was filmed in our hometown of Savannah, with our daughter. We also got to watch the first season of The Mandalorian. And, Griffin’s boyfriend and I were able to enjoy a couple of Manchester United games.

Finally, on Saturday, the sun came out and Frank and I took a quick hike at North Mountain Park:

Phoenix-North Moutain 2

Desert Spoon, also called Sotol

Then the four of us headed out to find some petroglyphs in North Phoenix. Amazingly, these rocks were on a hillside overlooking a heavily populated valley.

Phoenix-Petroglyphs 1

Griffin’s boyfriend kindly took a decent family photo of us. See the petroglyphs on the rocks behind us?

Phoenix-Petroglyphs 2

Phoenix-Petroglyphs 3

Phoenix-Petroglyphs 4

I love that spirals are universal.

That evening, we headed to Glendale, where my daughter is in vet school, to enjoy Glendale Glitters, their annual light show. We finished the evening with pierogis, paprikash, and goulash at a Polish (serving Eastern European food) restaurant.

Phoenix-Glendale 1

First Responders statue against a glorious sunset.

Phoenix-Glendale 2

Phoenix-Glendale 3