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Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

My intention this week was to run the above poem along with a photo as I was going to be away at the Wild Goose Festival. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found the above right next to the Episcopal tent!

The Wild Goose Festival is an art, music, and story-driven transformational experience grounded in faith-inspired social justice, according to Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia article also states that the festival: “encourages co-creation of music, story, theater, and spectacle, and engagement in a wide variety of robust, respectful conversations with participants and with thought leaders and artists from other communities. Wild Goose is welcoming and hospitable to people of all faiths – or no faith – who join in seeking the common good. It fully affirms and celebrates people of every age, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual identity, education, bodily condition, religious affiliation, and economic background, particularly those who are most often marginalized.

“Wild Goose is rooted in Progressive Christianity, moving beyond belief and centered in justice and compassion, in solidarity with the marginalized and the oppressed. The festival is popular among many involved with the emerging church movement.”


Our Diocese is one of the sponsors of the Episcopal tent. The event hosts more than 5,000 people annually.

While we were there so my husband could preach and celebrate at the Noon Friday Eucharist, the tent stays busy all day long . . .