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A car left behind on the sea wall that borders the Cinta Costera. Casco Viejo can be seen across the bay in the center of the photo.

After wearing ourselves out hiking every trail in the Parque Natural Metropolitano, we decided to walk the Cinta Costera, a more than five mile linear park along the bay, to Casco Viejo, the second oldest city of Panama. The first, Panama Viejo, was destroyed by the pirate Henry Morgan in 1671. Casco Viejo was the main city in Panama until 1904 when the construction started on the canal and people began to move eastward.


This frog sculpture is among the art that can be seen along the Cinta Costera.


We were starving and on the verge of heat exhaustion by the time we arrived so our first stop was an air-conditioned restaurant. We chose a Peruvian restaurant where we could try out the sea bass ceviche (wonderful) and I had a Peruvian seafood stew. Then we took a little time to explore the old town.


A yet-to-be-restored building near the Plaza de Independencia.


A statue of Mary and Jesus in the Catedral Metropolitano.


One of the many stray cats that inhabit Casco Viejo.