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From fearsome wilds a monster came. Upon its arrival I was filled with shame and horror.
At the sight, the birds lost their song and fell sadly to the ground.
Then a fearless sage whispered in my ear,
“Why all this terror and fright? Why do you look distracted with streaming eyes?”
Move away far from the world with its boast of joys and yet the pain it offers.
Openly and without guile, surrender to God with a pure and undivided heart.
The fearful savage form shall frighten your trembling soul no more.
For as dreadful as the sight is, the monster is but your love of self.
Fix all your love on God alone,
Choose only God’s will and hate your own will,
Then no fear shall be found in your path.
The dreary wasteland shall bloom everywhere and
Through deep happiness, you will sing God’s praises and bless God’s Holy Name.
O lovely solitude, how sweet the silence of this calm retreat!
Here beautiful truth whom I pursue,
Displays her full panoply to my view,
The simple, unadorned scene of Truth
Charms all pains and fears away.
O Truth, whom millions proudly offend,
O Truth, my dear treasure and delight,
Accept my tribute to your Name
And this poor heart’s offering to You!

~~Madame Guyon

(tr: Rev. Nancy C. James)