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From a pure and heavenly birth,
Love and simple Truth are rarely known on Earth,
Where stubborn men and women smother and quench these,
Perverse and stubborn will allow error and deception to reign.

How does this happen, that the power from on High,
From which humanity came
Rarely finds a listening ear
Or a heart that welcomes You here.
The answer lies that in Your wake You bring reproach and pain
Wherever You visit.

The proud world cannot bear to share God’s scorn and calumny.
They desire the praise of humans
They flee from the place where God is seen.
Pure love, with scandal in the rear, suits not the arrogant,
Pure love costs too much.

Then, let the price be whatever it is,
Though I am poor, I am prepared to pay the cost,
Come shame and sorrow and days of tears,
Weakness and oppressing fears.
One soul at least will not fail
To give You room,
Come reign in mine!

~~Madame Guyon

(tr: Rev. Nancy C. James)