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To my Spouse, in whose presence I live, the only place of desire.
I have a fire within burning for You and at Your slightest gesture toward me, this fire doubles. Whatever you give to me in this life, even trials and sorrows become sweet.
I have no fear of adversity when You are with me.

Transported into the heavens of rich glory,
I offer my life as the only payment
I resign all to You.
Your will is the only treasure I desire.
For You are faithful and strong. Let me, obedient and meek, rest
On Your will all the day long.

All of human powers fail, my spirit and faculties diminish. And yet
I cry, Finish what You, divine Love, have begun!
Live and Love in my soul that You have won!
Who is as worthy as You? I can only gaze in silence,
Moving in realms of wonder and praise.
That is all that is left me to do.

Oh, lost in glory, too deep for the pinnacle of thought,
I am swallowed in an ocean of Deity and sinking into nothingness,
In the midst of loss, I sing praises to my King and am absorbed into
This overwhelming theme.

~~Madame Guyon

(tr: Rev. Nancy C. James)