That struck me as apropos for some reason or, rather, for various reasons. But, I did promise a three-part blog series on The Thirteen Kingdoms and only three remain. Three kingdoms have chosen to remain neutral–two for political reasons and one because it is a vast wasteland destroyed during the human-induced apocalypse.

The Thirteen Kingdoms

The Thirteen Kingdoms

Sigil of Naphtali

Sigil of Naphtali

The Kingdom of Naphtali

Sigil: White Winged Horse on Red

Ruled by: Queen Njima

Children: She is single,having broken her betrothal to Prince Aahil of Tarshish.

Capitol: Castle Indalo is located in Jazeel on the western side of the Pegasus River.

The former capitol—Shamash Palace in Kamea on the Djed Sea—was deserted after the events that caused the Devastation of Pelf and formed the Sea of Blood.


Sigil of Tarshish

The Kingdom of Tarshish

Sigil: Black Cobra on Tan

Ruled by: King Dodi and Queen Chahindra

Children: 2 sons—Boutros (the eldest) and Aahil (the youngest child), and one daughter, Huda

Capitol: Iqbal Palace is in Tartessos, a port town on the western border with the Anoon Ocean.

Sigil of Pelf

Sigil of Pelf

The Kingdom of Pelf aka The Devastation of Pelf

Sigil: Black Kraken on Red

Ruled by: No current rulers. King Alborz and Queen Jazmin ruled before the Devastation.

Children: 2 sons—Alborz and Gaspar; 1 daughter—Parisa. Only Alborz survived. There is one remaining heir to be revealed in Book Two.

Capitol: Zhaleh Palace was located in Buta on Pelf’s southern border with the Anoon Ocean.

Currently the Devastation of Pelf is inhabited by what are known as the Aberrations.