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The Thirteen Kingdoms

The Thirteen Kingdoms

Continuing from last week: The Awen Alliance is the five kingdoms that wish to go to war with the Triquetra Alliance in order to expand their borders and gain more power over the Thirteen Kingdoms. The Alliance is headed by King Arawn of Annewven whose strongest supporters are King Hamartia of Simoon and King Hevel of Adamah.

It is in the Kingdom of Anneweven that the Princess Eluned and her compatriots begin the quest for the Thirteen Hallowed Treasures in The Path to Misery: Book I of the Hallowed Treasures Saga.


Sigil of Annewven

The Kingdom of Annewven

Sigil: Crimson Dragon on White

Ruled by King Arawn (aka The Crimson King)

Children: King Arawn is not married although he does have a number of illegitimate children

Capitol: Castle Pwyll is located in Prythew; King Arawn winters at Castle Emrys in Arberth on the Anoon Ocean

Sigil of Simoon

Sigil of Simoon

The Kingdom of Simoon

Sigil: Grey Wolf on Forest Green

Ruled by: King Hamartia and Queen Foehn

Children: 4 sons: Kaiser, Jarvis, Bemot and Raynor

Capitol: Castle Rodolf is located in Sigwald

Sigil of Adamah

Sigil of Adamah

The Kingdom of Adamah

Sigil: Gold Lion rampant on Silver

Ruled by: King Hevel

Children: King Hevel is betrothed to Yona

Capitol: Castle Lavieven is in Stonehelm

Sigil of Kamartha

Sigil of Kamartha

The Kingdom of Kamartha

Sigil: Black Satyr on Pale Blue

Ruled by: King Janak and Queen Lakshmi

Children: 3 sons: Amit, Baldev, Chetan; 4 daughters: Amala, Bala, Chandra, Divya; Amit and Amala are twins

Capitol: Lamaxana Palace is located in Kaumari

Sigil of Dziron

Sigil of Dziron

The Kingdom of Dziron

Sigil: Golden Dragon on Crimson

Ruled by: King Zhang and Queen Ling

Children: 3 sons: Qiang, Chao and Huang. One daughter: Xiang. Princess Xiang, who is 16, is betrothed to Prince Aahil of Tarshish who is 22 years her elder.

Capitol: Tsering Palace is in Jungnay