The Thirteen Kingdoms

The Thirteen Kingdoms

In anticipation of the upcoming publication of The Path to Misery: Book I in the Hallowed Treasures Saga, I thought I would introduce you to the Thirteen Kingdoms in which the book takes place via a three-part blog series.

Centuries after an apocalypse, the Princess Eluned leaves her father’s kingdom in search of adventure and romance, but instead finds herself accumulating a band of compatriots for a divinely-led quest to reunite the Thirteen Hallowed Treasures, which they hope will bring peace to a land on the brink of war.

In the process, she transforms from the self-absorbed girl that begins the journey into the strong woman she must become if she is to fulfill her destiny.

I will begin with the Triquetra Alliance as most of the main characters are from these Kingdoms.

Sigil of Zion

Sigil of Zion

The Kingdom of Zion

Sigil: Golden Gryphon on Black

Ruled by: King Seraphim and Queen Ceridwen

Children: Princess Eluned (betrothed to King Uriel of Aden)

Capitol: Castle Mykerinos is located in Goshen

The Sigil of Aden

Sigil of Aden

The Kingdom of Aden

Sigil: Scarlet Phoenix on Gold

Ruled by: King Uriel (son of King Gavreel and Queen Angharad, both deceased)

Children: Not married but betrothed to Princess Eluned of Zion

Capitol: Castle Bennu is located in Ponike, which is a harbor town on the Gulf of Eudaemon.

Sigil of Sheba

Sigil of Sheba

The Kingdom of Sheba

Sigil: Red Hawk on Green

Ruled by: King Adeyemi and Queen Yobachi

Children: Three sons—Daud, Paul, and Uwem; Two daughters—Nala and Prisce

Capitol: Salama Palace is located in Mwezi-barafu

Sigil of Favonia

Sigil of Favonia

The Kingdom of Favonia

Sigil: Copper Sea Turtle on Blue

Ruled by: Queen Miryam (King Rangatira is deceased)

Children: Prince Mauri. He is married to Princess Elili, and they have three children—one son, Irirangi, and twin daughters, Leleua and Talei

Capitol: Whanga Palace is located in Seemu on the island of Favonia

The other Favonian Islands include Hakinaipo, Hemamoku, Tapurora and Paliaina.

Sigil of Dyfed

Sigil of Dyfed

The Kingdom of Dyfed

Sigil: Silver Unicorn on Purple

Ruled by: King Cian and Queen Chelli

Children: Eldest child a daughter, Gittan, and a younger son, Bryan.

Capitol: Castle Abbert is located in Portuma on the Anoon Ocean