It’s Christmas in July! No. Wait. That’s something else.

Actually, it’s Summer Camp time, and I’m gearing up to spend a month at NaNoWriMo’s summer camp. I wish that meant I was heading off to someplace cooler (as in temperature; it has been in the 100s here with near 100% humidity) like Lake Tahoe or one of the lakes in Northern Maine. Rather, I will remain home, and spend the month at my desk in front of my computer.

But, Camp NaNoWriMo is different than Na(tional)No(vel)Wri(ting)Mo(nth) in November in that you are allowed to tailor it to your specific needs. In other words (haha), you don’t have to write 50,000 words of a novel to win. You get to pick your own project. It can be poetry, a script, non-fiction, you name it. You also get to choose your own word-count goal.

So, I’ve decided to spend the month working on some short stories. I’ve had several ideas, but not the time to dedicate to them. And, because they are supernatural short stories, they seemed to fit in with the whole summer camp theme–you know, campfires, ghost stories, s’mores . . . you get the idea.

That’s what I’ll be concentrating on in July, and come August, I hope to add a Short Stories/Poetry page to my website: VictoriaLogue.com