I offer below a bibliography of books recommended by The Haden Institute (hadeninstitute.com) to help with your dreamwork:

I. Achroyd, Eric—A Dictionary of Dream Symbols **

II. Bosnak, Robert—A Little Course in Dream

III. Brook, Stephen—The Oxford Book of Dreams

IV. Bryant, Dorothy—The Kin of Atta are Waiting for You

V. Campbell, Joseph, ed.—Myths, Dreams and Religion

VI. Cirlot, J.E.—A Dictionary of Symbols **/***

VII. Clift, Jean and Wallace—Symbols of Transformation in Dreams

VIII. Fontana, David—The Secret Language of Dreams **

IX. Freud, Sigmund—The Interpretation of Dreams

X. Gongloff, Robert—Dream Exploration

XI. Haden, Robert—Unopened Letters from God *

XII. Hall, James—Jungian Dream Interpretation

XIII. Hoss, Robert—Dream Language

XIV. Hudson, Joyce Rockwood—Natural Spirituality */***

XV. Johnson, Robert A.—Inner Work ***

XVI. Jung, Carl—Dreams ***

XVII. Jung, Carl—Memories, Dreams and Reflections */***

XVIII. Jung, Carl—Psychology and Religion

XIX. Jung, Carl—Man and His Symbols **/***

XX. Kelsey, Morton—Dreams: A Way to Listen to God

XXI. Kelsey, Morton—God, Dreams and Revelation

XXII. Kutz, Ilan—Dreamland Comparison

XXIII. Lyons, Tallulah—Dream Prayers

XXIV. Maurer, Sue—God Has Been Whispering in My Ear

XXV. Moore, Thomas—The Care of the Soul

XXVI. Moore, Thomas—Soul Mates

XXVII. Sanford, John—Dreams: God’s Forgotten Language */***

XXVIII. Sanford, John—Dreams and Healing

XXIX. Sanford, John—Healing and Wholeness

XXX. Sanford, John—Invisible Partners

XXXI. Sanford, John—The Kingdom Within ***

XXXII. Sanford, John—The Man Who Wrestled With God

XXXIII. Savary, Louise—Dreams and Spiritual Growth: A Christian Approach to Dreamwork

XXXIV. Singer, June—Boundaries of the Soul

XXXV. Stein, Murray, ed.—Jungian Analysis

XXXVI. Stevens, Anthony—Archetypes

XXXVII. Taylor, Jeremy—The Wisdom of the Dream *

XXXVIII. Taylor, Jeremy—Dream Work ***

XXXIX. Van De Castle, Robert L.—Our Dreaming Mind

XL. Von Franz, Marie-Louise—Animus and Anima

XLI. Von Franz, Marie-Louise—On Dreams and Death

XLII. Von Franz, Marie-Louise—Projection and Re-Collection

* Good Beginning Books

** Good Books to Explore Symbols

*** Books I own