Well, that’s not completely true. The deadline for the next 30 parks in my book was yesterday, and I managed to get 19 of them sent in before my brain short-circuited and I realized my final proofing was doing more harm than good. Fortunately, my deadline fell on a weekend and the editorial department can’t even start working on them until Monday.

So, I’ll send in 11 more today except that it will actually be 9 because I still have two left to write up from my last round of hiking. But 28 parks are not going to get through editing tomorrow, and I should be able to get the last two in by the end of the day. I hope.

Then, I’ll just have to sandwich the last 16 parks in between a trip to California in early June and our house closing on July 30 or maybe I can talk the publisher into extending the final deadline . . .