A beautiful morning along Bledsoe Creek.

A beautiful morning along Bledsoe Creek.

And “they” in this case is me. I need to remember that despite how warm it is in the afternoon, it is the morning temperature I need to pay attention to. Why do I say that? Because once again I learned the hard way. It was really cold last night, and this morning my Raynaud’s once again crossed the line to frostbite. So now I know. I can only camp if the temperatures are well above freezing. SIGH. KnowThyself. That’s actually important in oh so many ways. It’s not that we can’t miserable at times, but we should learn and grow from that.

And I’ve learned that I love my fingers. I’m using them now. And, Ive already done enough nerve damage to my fingertips from my constant Raynaud’s this very extreme winter, that I really need to be careful.

So, after painfully (and slowly because I had to run to the bathhouse twice to thaw my fingers and the bathhouse wasn’t close) taking down my camp, I started more than half an hour late hiking. Fortunately, it was an ADA-approved trail I did first as I waited for the promised warmth of the day. Then I hiked a really cool loop I concocted from the High Ridge and Shoreline Trails–the best of both worlds. And in early spring, it was quite lovely though it got windy down toward the lake. I did see deer; didn’t scare them–we just looked at each other–before I was ready to move on to the next park–Long Hunter–south of Nashville.

Very popular destination point because it has a 2-mile paved trail around a lake. But, poor Ms. Turkey didn’t know that when she laid her eggs and felt the need to chase everyone who passed her. I did discover that if you called her bluff, she backed off. But, I don’t blame her. Why wouldn’t she want to protect her young.


Two more parks tomorrow, hopefully, and then I will be writing up all the trails before I forget them. Yeah, that’s the job part.