. . . because none of them had camping, which meant late afternoon I was driving to the next park–Bledsoe Creek because they have camping, and as it turned out, a rather pleasant campground with views of the eponymous creek (though it looks more like a river to me). All that to say, not surprisingly, I’m tired. But, it was a beautiful sunny day and the trails were short (or sometimes impossible to find as in the case of Harpeth River). All three parks were unusual in some way–Harpeth is a series of spaces along the Harpeth River (no formal visitors center, or anything, for that matter); Dunbar Cave was a park centered around the eponymous cave; and Port Royal was the site of the former town of that name and another piece of the Trail of Tears. So, I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures from the beginning and ending of my day:

Newsom's Mill

Newsom’s Mill


Oh, and there are several deer grazing not that far away from my campsite–perfect way to end the day. And Rémy and my pocket Jamie from Outlander (a gift from my mother) are enjoying the site, as well.

Rémy and Pocket Jamie ready to defend the campsite.

Rémy and Pocket Jamie ready to defend the campsite.