It’s so quiet here in Happy Hollow Campground here in Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park. Actually, it has been quiet all day. My hikes have only been interrupted by woodpeckers, owls and songbirds and the occasional scurry of a squirrel. Even the deer I saw today seemed disinclined to move away from me.

I have to admit that I liked the name of the campground, but lest it be too ironic should something happen to me, I chose Campsite 13 to camp in. Although an alternate story would be, “she should have known better than to camp in site 13! Bwahahaha.”

Meanwhile the wind is blowing in some herring-scale clouds and the even colder front that is supposed to hit tomorrow. Oh, well. Thank goodness, I have only one park left–Natchez Trace–before I head back to South Georgia where I understand the temperatures are much warmer.

My favorite thing about this site (other than the fact that it is so close to the playground, which has an awesome slide and swings–yes, I tried them both), are all the violets. I’ve always been partial to violets–February’s flower.

No photos today. My Mifi just isn’t up to it.