Stepping stones provide a safe passage through deep water

As I recently noted, when the universe speaks to me in stereo, I try to listen. So, as I am working my way through the remaining codon rings in Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, I discovered the next on my list was the 9th Gene Key. Coincidentally (God-incidentally), that was my hexagram that morning at The 64 Gene Keys being not dissimilar from the 64 I-Ching Hexagrams, I knew that this was something to which I needed to pay closer attention.

Hexagram 9

Hexagram 9

No matter what you choose to title the 9th–The Power of the Infinitesimal, The Taming of the Power of the Small or even Small Influences–it all comes down to our tendency, as humans, to completely immerse ourselves in the trivial, and often irrelevant, details of life. For example, anyone who watches “reality” television (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) will find themselves wallowing in this Shadow aspect of the 9th Gene Key. In this case the trivial is anything that is neither beautiful nor practical.

To move beyond this Shadow of Inertia, one must apply one’s energy only to those things that serve a higher purpose in one’s life. Lao Tzu is credited with saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Rudd says a more accurate translation is: The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet. As always, our focus should be on what lies right in front of us rather than on the future or past–always living in the present moment.

Rudd says an excellent image of this, for both the Shadow of Inertia and the Gift of Determination, is a pathway constructed of stepping stones. If you are lost in the Shadow, then those stones will form a never-ending circle and you may never realize that not only are you not going anywhere, you are wasting all your energy. At the Gift level, however, the stepping stones form a path that continues forward and you lose sight of those stones once they reach the horizon. But, it doesn’t matter. Because, not only do you not care where they are going, you find a sense of excitement in the mystery and adventure of moving ahead one step at a time.

Once you realize this sense of adventure, even the quotidian aspects of life become fulfilling because they all lead you, one step at a time, in the direction of your dream. Without this sense of inner focus, Rudd says, a great deal of energy goes into complaining, whether vocally or mentally.

“There truly is nothing in life,” he says, “you cannot accomplish if you put your heart squarely behind it.”

This Gift of Determination is built on the rock of the very smallest of acts, he says. As Aleister Crowley noted, “Every intentional act is a magical act.” Once you break away from the trivia of the Shadow and connect with your vision or ideal as a feeling and a knowing deep inside, Rudd says, you have truly begun the journey of a thousand steps.

From then on, every single step you take, no matter how mundane it seems, will lead in the direction of your dream, the direction your heart is taking you. And the more you allow every step to fulfill you, the easier the path becomes and the less energy and willpower you must use. Then you tame life instead of allowing it to tame you.

The endpoint of this path is the Siddhi of Invincibility or the power of the infinitesimal. According to Rudd, the infinitesimal is also paradoxical. For, if one, for example, goes on dividing a piece of string in half, one could theoretically go on forever and thus it becomes boundless and inner space leads to outer space, and you become invincible and invisible. And, the only force is the universe that is truly invincible is love. And that is always what everything comes down to–LOVE.