So, I’ll go ahead and confess that I slept in my car, and while it wasn’t any warmer, it certainly made things a lot easier in the morning. Fortunately, the temperature remained tolerable until sunset and a hot bowl of faux pho (phaux?) and a hot shower kept me warm a lot longer.

Rémy looks askance at my faux pho bowl. He thinks he'd like something with more meat in it.

Rémy looks askance at my faux pho bowl. He thinks he’d like something with more meat in it.

I will also freely admit that sleeping in a car is hardly the most comfortable way to sleep. I tossed and turned all night. But, it did make it easier to get up and out in the morning. And, as I drove to Tim’s Ford State Park, I eyed the threatening sky with trepidation. But despite the fact it looked as if it could rain at any second, the rain never materialized, and I was able to hike three trails before lunch time, the last of which was an ADA-approved paved trail from the Lost Creek Overlook back to the Visitors’ Center. I was delighted to be able to get a handicapped-accesible trail into the book.

View from Lost Creek Overlook.

View from Lost Creek Overlook.

Then, as I walked back to the Visitors’ Center, I noticed that they had a building that housed four birds. And the first bird was a Red-tailed Hawk named Bella (A “Twilight” fan must have been responsible for her name) that had to be caged because her wing was damaged beyond repair. She was a beautiful bird and I was able to confirm that I had indeed found a Red-tailed Hawk feather on the Gilbert Gaul trail. There were also a buzzard and a Great Horned Owl as well as an empty cage.

Because it was so early, and because the temperature was supposed to drop below freezing that night, I made the decision to go ahead and drive back to South Georgia where it would, hopefully, be warmer. And it was! By the time I was south of Macon, the temperature had climbed nearly 20 degrees.

The Savannah Film Festival begins tomorrow, and I have yet to decide how much of that I intend to attend. It looks like there is going to be a warming trend in Tennessee next week and I still have four parks remaining for my Fall deadline. It’s going to be awfully difficult to pass up my last chance for warm weather.