First let me say that it was a lot colder than I like this morning: 39 degrees. I lost the feeling in my toes, but fortunately my fingers were fine. But it is supposed to get colder, and I am not looking forward to taking down a tent with numb fingers . . .

Morning Prayer, pre-dawn, with Rémy.

Morning Prayer, pre-dawn, with Rémy.

That being said, it was a beautiful day and I had an enjoyable time hiking the Pioneer Trail here at Cumberland Mountain State Park. I ran into a lot of wildlife again: two striped garter snakes, a shrew climbing a log, lots of chipmunks and some timid deer. I also saw a couple of Wooly Mammoth Caterpillars:


Most of hike was along Byrd Creek on a pine straw-strewn path between rhododendron and mountain laurel. But this particular rock formation was fun to hike through:

Fat Man's Squeeze

Fat Man’s Squeeze

Tomorrow: Fall Creek Falls. And I am praying that it doesn’t rain. Though, I have rain gear, if necessary.